Popup Links

Use the popup plugin in your content to include links that open in popup windows.

X3 uses the popup internally for galleries, but it is made available for you to use in your page content also. The X3 popup is perfect for image links, but cant also be used for custom links- and content.


To use the popup with your links, simply add the data-popup attribute to your link.

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Popup links use the zoom-in cursor on mouse-hover to emphasize that the link opens a popup.Click Me


To add a title for the image, just use data-popup-title="title". When using this attribute, you don't need to set the data-popup attribute, because it is implicit.

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The popup link feature is practical for loading embeddable content, like Youtube Videos.

Youtube Video

Youtube Video

The popup is optimized for images and embeddable content, but can also be used to open links.

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Warning! Be cautious about using the popup for full websites. Some websites refuse to load inside an iframe because of restrictions, and you will have huge issues with scroll- and interface on touch-mobile devices. We recommend using the data-popup-ignore-mobile attribute if you are loading full website links that require scroll (see details in advanced section).

Custom Content

You can use the popup to display inline content with the data-popup-content tag.

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Image Links

Nothing wrong with using images inside your links ...

Link Groups

You can also group links so that you can navigate between them in the same popup.

... Optionally, if you can't or don't want to add all grouped links in the same container, use the rel attribute to assign a group name.


Macbook / iPhone / iPad


A few more attributes for the ambitious.




Macbook.jpg or open imagevuex.com in new windowImagevuex.com, opens in new window on mobile devices.Custom CSS Class

Browser Popup Window

You can also set links to open in native brower popup windows. Although not as elegant as the X3 popup, this feature can be useful when loading html pages and/or when scrollbar is required. The native browser popup method is basically a new browser window, limited only by size and controls.

Flamepix.com in Popup

Flamepix.com in Popup

By default, the popup window is set to open at dimensions 600 x 400 px, but you can set your own size: 1100 x 800

1100 x 800

Popup windows will always be centered, and will never open larger than the visitors screen. Furthermore, "popup" windows are not supported on most mobile/touch devices, and will instead open in a "new tab".

Native X3 Gallery

Below, you can see the native X3 gallery displaying images from within this folder. The X3 gallery also uses a the popup feature, but with a slightly more advanced integration.